Phoenix Finance

Phoenix Finance is an online platform established by Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings to provide intelligent investment and wealth management services for Chinese investors worldwide.

We partner with industry-leading financial institutions, gain access to high quality financial assets, provide a diverse range of investment products and professional services, as well as deliver customized wealth management solutions that better suit each individual’s needs.

We layer culture and social values into our products and services to create a unique financial experience for our investors, build a reliable and trustworthy financial environment, and help push the growth of inclusive finance.

Investors Include Leaders in the Fields of Media,

Finance, Technology

  • Phoenix Satellite Television(HKG:02008)

    The most influential Chinese-language media conglomerate, reaching over 150 countries and regions worldwide

  • Phoenix New Media(NYSE:FENG)

    A global cross-platform new media corporation with 68.7 million viewers per day

  • China CITIC GroupCITIC Asset Management Corporation

    China CITIC Group is China’s largest conglomerate with total assets around RMB 5 trillion

  • Chinese Academy of Science HoldingsCASH Capital 

    Ratified by State Council of PRC and established by the Chinese Academy of Science, the top academic institution in China. Chinese Academy of Science Holdings controls a number of well-known corporations such as Legend Holdings and China Sciences Group. Total assets over RMB 360 billion

  • Huarong SecuritiesHuarong Tianze Investment Corporation

    Huarong Securities is a securities firm ratified by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). The company has a national presence with 14 subsidiaries and 63 business departments. CSRC rates it as an AA level broker-dealer.

  • China Oriental Asset Management CorporationCORC Capital

    Ratified by the State Council and People's Bank of China, China Oriental Asset Management Co., Ltd. is a state-owned financial institution and one of the four main asset management corporations in China. Total assets around RMB 320 billion

  • China United SME Guarantee Corporation

    Established by the National Development and Reform Commission, China United SME Guarantee Corporation is the first and only Chinese Guarantee Corporation with an AAA credit rating. Stockholders include China Import and Export Bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and SIEMENS etc.

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